Starting up a Business


The purpose of your business plan is to outline how you intend your business to succeed. This will involve looking in detail at the current business and market place and identifying how you believe the business can be improved.

A good business plan will evolve over time and needs to be reviewed on a regular basis. At Robinsons we believe that the relationship with your Business Development Manager will assist you in developing your plan. At the end of each year a full review will be held to discuss your current business plan against business performance. This is also the time and opportunity to amend the plan for the next year.

This document will take you through the basic processes of business planning and will be used for discussion at an interview or investment proposal. If you are successful with your application then the plan will be held by you and your Business Development Manager as a live working document.

Robinsons would recommend that you also seek independent, professional guidance and advice before taking on any business venture. The Company can provide you with certain information, however, you will need to complete your own research specific to the pub you are interested in.

A business plan can help you

  • Consider all aspects of the business
  • Decide the best course of action to take things forward
  • Have a clear understanding of the pub and how you can make it work
  • This will evolve over time and you need to be constantly mindful of changes in market focus and how they will affect your business.

Please note that the Business Development Manager will appoint someone to a pub not only on the experience of an applicant, but also on the strength and relevance of the business plan. Both you and the Business Development Manager need to sign at the end as an acceptance of this business plan and acknowledge that the pub will be operated in accordance with this plan. The plan will then form part of your tenancy agreement.