You and Your Business


What experience do you have?

What experience does your partner have?
Experience of other key members of your team
Qualifications – please give details of any trade qualifications that you have
What relevant skills, experience and knowledge do you bring to the business?
Who will be running the business on a day to day basis?
What appeals to you about running a pub?
Accountant Details
Stocktakers Details

Provide a description of the pub, its facilities and trading history. Also talk about the immediate area surrounding the pub, focusing on possible sources of customers

  • Are any areas suitable for alternative use or redevelopment?
  • Describe the existing building - shape, facilities & condition
  • Include the exterior and outside areas
  • What is the immediate area like? Residential, businesses, shops, roads, etc.
  • Do you aspire to replicate or change the trading style


Describe what sort of people live, work, or visit the area. Mention things such as age, occupation, wealth, housing, etc. This is your chance to show that the people that you intend to attract are around.

  • Have you driven or walked around the area and talked to future customers, competitors and local businesses?
  • The people who live nearby - how wealthy or poor are they? Are they old or young? Do they have families - old or young? What sort of houses do they live in? What condition is the housing in? How many people own a car? What do they do as jobs - work in an office, have a skilled trade, manual workers, unemployed? Do students live in the area?
  • Who comes into the area WHY AND WHEN? Shoppers during the day? Office workers? Young people at night?
  • Think about which people will be your ‘target market’


Show an understanding of where people drink, eat and also take part in other leisure activities (cinemas, retail parks). Talk specifically about the competition and why people chose to go to these places. If there is a “circuit” describe it - both for day and night trade. Attach any relevant maps to the Business Plan.

  • Have you visited and talked to local competitors?
  • Where are these venues in relation to your pub? Could/does it fit into the circuit?
  • How successful is the competition? Why are they successful - what do they offer customers? Describe the major competitors
  • Is there anything missing from the circuit that people might look for?
  • Describe what your pub will be famous for.
  • What is currently resisting the growth of the business ie- Things out of your control

Describe what you intend to offer in order to attract custom. Make specific mention of drink, food, music, entertainment, promotions, games, etc. Show reasons why the people that you want to attract would want to come to your pub. What is the unique selling point of the pub?
Also how you intend to market the offer.


  • What sort of pub is it going to be? How will it differ during the course of the day?
  • Describe the current trading operation and consider whether you aspire to change the trading style.
  • What is currently restricting the growth of the business ? – ie Things you can’t control /change.


  • Is business going to be driven by cask ales, keg ales, standard draught lagers, premium draught lagers, bottled beers, spirits, wine?
  • What will make your wet offer stand out from your competitors?


  • What sort of food is going to be on offer? How big will the menu be? Give some sample menu items. What will the price of the meals be? How will the food offer change during the day?
  • What will make your food offer stand out from your competitors?
  • Attach any draft menus


  • How will music be provided? What sort of music will it be? How will it change throughout the day?


  • Will entertainment play a part in your offer? What sort of entertainment? What else - pub games, quizzes, charity nights, promotions, etc?
  • How much additional income would you expect to generate from entertainment activities?


  • Describe any other key parts of the offer


  • How will you tell people about what is on offer? Adverts, flyers, radio, A-boards, direct mail, etc?
  • Unique Selling Point – Describe what your pub will be famous for?
  • What are your plans to improve the existing staff performances? (eg training, uniforms, staff rotas , service standards etc )