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Plough Gorton, Manchester

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RECENTLY REFURBISHED. This large Victorian style building has some very attractive features both inside and out. The interior has retained many original features including ornamental tiles and plasterwork. At the front right is the Vault with a very richly-carved bar counter. The fixtures and fittings around the room are Victorian in style. The bar back is in an ornate style with mirrors. To the rear there is a good sized patio area with 6 benches and a small car park.

  • Family Friendly

  • Beer Garden

  • Parking

  • Live Sport

  • Entertainment

  • Great Cask Ales
Tel: 0161 612 4112
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The Plough is a NEWLY REFURBISHED traditional, Victorian-style drinker’s pub which includes a central lobby with a tiled dado. There is also a bar parlour, smoke room and pool room all off the central hall - plus a side passage in Wellington St which leads to a disused off-sales hatch, and an upstairs meeting room. There is a large vault with games facilities and the entrance lobby leads to two smaller rooms and the outside patio area. The efficient bar servery serves all rooms, upstairs the (unused) meeting room boasts original fireplaces and the side windows retain their original etched panels. To the rear is an enclosed beer garden which is an ideal place to for families to enjoy a drink.

Large private accommodation with 3 bedrooms, lounge, dining ktichen and usual bathroom facilities

M18 7FB

Gorton is a suburban district of Greater Manchester. It is approx 4 miles from the city centre and has its own community shops and business’s. The Plough is located on the main Hyde Road (A57) which is a major link to the M60 and M67 next to a large Tesco supermarket.
Tel: 0161 612 4112
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FMT stands for Fair Maintainable Trade
Estimated Current (net)£250,000
Estimated Current (net)£n/a
Estimated Current (net)£n/a

This is a one-off payment made at the start of the vacancy agreement. All figures are estimates and exclude VAT.
Fixtures & Fittings£16,000
Stock & Glassware£4,500
One Month's Rent£1,385
Trading Deposit£5,000
Valuer & Stocktaking£1,400

A barrel is a unit of measurement adopted by the pub and brewing industry. A barrel is 36 gallons or 288 pints. This excludes wines, minerals and spirits.
FMT Barrelage260
Current MAT Barrelage258
Last Year MAT Barrelage148
2 Year Ago MAT Barrelage168
3 Year Ago MAT Barrelage204

These can be checked with the local rating office. We encourage licensees to challenge rates and use a specialist to assist.
Rateable value15,500

Rent required for this site£18,000
Tel: 0161 612 4112
To find out more about this business opportunity please contact us for details.

Robinsons is a truly independent, family run brewery. We`ve been that way for over 175 years and that`s the way we`re going to stay. With 340 outlets in the North West, ranging from premium dining to community pubs and quiet country inns, many with letting accommodation, we have a business which is right for you.

A simple tenancy agreement* with no end date

Low risk investment - you keep all the profits.

Day-to-day contact via your own Business Development Manager

We insure and maintain the fabric of the building

Top quality range of cask ales; keg beers and lagers; wines, spirits and soft drinks

Unrivalled support which can be tailored to your individual needs, including :

  • Tenant`s Induction Programme - meet the key people within Robinsons
  • Dedicated Tenant Support Manager for the best deals on your business costs
  • Your own pub website linked to Robinson`s main site
  • On-line access to marketing support & promotional activity
  • Product care & cellar management training
  • Catering advice and menu development
  • Seasonal cask ales and core brand support
  • Wine list production and specialist product advice
  • Training, staff development and apprenticeship programmes